Mission Statement

When the Museum of Gender and Sexuality emerged in NYC, it was without precedent. The museum exists to offer a new perspective about the way gender roles and sexuality have been conditioned throughout history. Gender identity and sexuality, just like any other human expression, is experienced by everyone in a different way.

The museum encompasses humanity at its most vulnerable. We are dedicated to creating a safe space for the examination of social constructs and customs in both Western and non-Western societies and facilitate conversation. Our mission is to help you understand a world that is less black and white than it has up to now been constructed to be. Cultivate a strong, healthy sense of identity and individuality while dismantle the foundation of gender and sexuality stigmas that are all too real in the everyday life of many individuals and to empower and uplift those that don’t fit into societies’ categories as well as those who do.

Societies are living and breathing entities, and as we progress nations and human being, we must continue to nourish the growth and experience of every individual. During this age of global interconnection, it is a great responsibility to understand and encompass what it means to be a global citizen through thoughtful and respectful analysis. We encourage curiosity and safe investigation as keys to understanding human experience beyond your own.

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Posters for the advertisement of Museum of Gender and Sexuality

and the first exhibit “Form vs. Function.”

Exploration of masculine + feminine in relation to gender association Campaign

Posters that challenging how we’ve been wired to visual associate gender with colors,

one of the initiatives of the Museum of Gender and Sexuality.

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