Raven Simone Walker


Raven is a Digital Designer based in New York City specializing in concept development, brand identity/voice, creative direction, editorial design, photography, content creation and management. She has a meticulous approach to problem solving. Through research and strategic reasoning, she is able to develop strong narrative and conceptual grounding for every project. Throughout her professional career, she's aligned herself with industry disrupting startups and small companies-- giving her extensive experience working cross-functionally. She can work  alone or alongside a small team and is flexible about wearing multiple hats. She obtained my BFA focus in Graphic Design from Pratt Institute. 

She has always seen design and photography as two way mirrors-- as an opportunities. Visual tools to transcend language, boundaries and share individual realities and experiences. To transport viewer and even herself; to be engrossed in empathy and make a conscious decision to learn, question and realize something about the themselves, society or the global community. 

Aside from design, she is passionate about sustainable design/lifestyles, innovative product/tech design, psychology, culinary arts and gender studies. She finds comfort in her constant state of evolution.