What is our relationship to our dinner plate? Where does pet end and livestock begin? Where does the cruelty come from? Is it human nature— this animalistic instinct? Thats only aged and ripened within us over time. The magnitude of this didn't set in until I heard someone speak these word, “Most people have never felt warm meat.” Where there is warmth there is hope, love, purpose, connection, life— temperature means life. I couldn't get those words out of my head, because I was one of those people. I have never felt warm, raw flesh. I wondered what that must feel like, to be elbows deep in warm flesh and hot blood from an animal you’d taken care for or were hired to butcher. When you think about, we’ve heard time and time again that animals put each other through pain because they don't know any better. Yet we have evolved and we have done all we can to prove and differentiate between the two. That we are superior, complex, capable; that we are us and they are them.   Yet in modern day society, we go into supermarkets. We make our way towards the protein isles filled with meat, milk, cheese, butter, yogurt. And as we get closer, the air changes. It gets cold and sterile— almost stiffens. We ignore the chills, the goose bumps and continue on. At the beginning I wanted this series to address a larger topic, which I still think it lends itself to, but I believe it transformed into a visual self realization and expression of a core value of mine. As well as acknowledgment that every choice I make when it comes what I consume can make a difference.